My Investments

—– Investments in 2019 —–
For 2019 I decided to go with a more diversified approach. Looking for companies that would be players 20+ years from now. Here is what I invested in:

Claire’s Pick:
Disney (DIS) – I love Disney Land and Frozen so I had to own stock in this company

Dad’s Picks:
Amazon (AMZN) – 20 years from now they’ll probably be broken up over anti-trust. I want to own the parts.
Microsoft (MSFT) – Bill Gates is awesome and Microsoft keeps making deals
Apple (APPL) – They’ll probably need to reinvent themselves over the next 10-20 years. Let’s hope they can channel Steve Jobs when they do it.
Facebook (FB) – Another potential breakup play. If they do get Libra to market it would be a game changer.
Uber (UBER) – Bought around the end of the lock-up period. It’s a gamble but automation/driverless makes them a play for 2040.
BOTZ – ETF – I wanted some play into AI and Robotics but wasn’t sure what companies to invest in so I went with an ETF.
Virgin Galactic (SPCE) – It’s outer space man.. and Richard Branson.. and a $1B Market Cap in a Trillion Dollar Industry.
General Electrics (GE) – It’s been hammered over the last two years. It’s turn around plan seems be coming together. I just wanted to own a little of what JP Morgan started.

—– Investments in 2018 —–
For 2018 – My dad loved Bitcoin and wanted me to have the upside potential of a $250,000 BTC by 2040 so he bought me a little GBTC.